Physical Education Division

Director: Mr. K.R.D.C. Rathnamudali

The programmes in the Physical Education Division are organized to cater to competitive as well as recreational sports and physical education for the student population. It provides opportunities for the students to achieve and maintain their physical fitness and to secure a gainful use of leisure time which is very useful for their health. The programmes also seek to foster closer staff student relationship. Physical Education Division also provides facilities to developed high performances in sports locally and Internationally too. 

Facilities for the following sports are provided to the students. 

The Gymnasium for weight training and physical fitness is available with the above mentioned facilities. The new gymnasium is also available for practicing badminton, table tennis, volleyball, basketball ,taekwondo etc. 



Softball Cricket









Table Tennis






Weight Lifting


Rugby Football


Internal Events:
Each year the Division organizes sporting events for the Freshers in several sports. Mainly there will be Freshers' Athletic and Swimming meets and Freshers’ events in all indoor games etc. There are Inter Department events for all team and individual sports. Subjects related to Sports Management and Physical Fitness are included in the Academic Programme as Non-Technical subjects.
Inter-University Championships:
Each year the Department selects the University teams for the above sports to send them to the Inter University Championships which are the most important events for the University sportsmen. Generally, University of Moratuwa is one of the favorites among all universities, especially in men's sports. We also participate in National Championships in chess, cricket, hockey, rugby, football, netball, rowing and tennis.
International Events:
Our students who do sports are often given opportunities to participate in the events held by foreign countries. Badminton, table tennis, cricket, chess, volleyball and football teams participated in some invitational events in India and Malaysia. The outstanding players got selected to participate in South Asian and World University Games.
Colours Awards Ceremony:
Each year the Department conducts an award ceremony for the Sportsmen and women who excelled in sports in the year. Last year around 350 sportsmen were awarded University Colours in all sports.


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