Research and Publications

Year :sort ascending Department Title of Paper Authors Name of the Journal and Volume
2013 Department of Architecture Approach to Sustainable Development through Architectural Education: Insight to student perception Samaratunga , M.
World Construction Symposium proceedings
2013 Department of Mathematics Brannan Conjecture for Initial Coefficient Jayatilake, U.
Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations (Volume 58)
2013 Department of Computer Science and Engineering A Multi- Tenancy Aware Architectural Framework for SAAS Application Development Wickramasinghe , G.L.D.
De Alwis, W.N.T.
Engineer (Vol:XXXXVI No. 03 )
2013 Department of Computational Mathematics Process Analytics Approach for R&D Project Selection Jian Ma
Chen Yang
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems
2013 Department of Management of Technology Economic Recovery from Natural Disaster: Spotlight on Interventions in Tsunami affected Micro, and SME’s in Sri Lanka’s Galle District Sardana, G.D. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal incorporating Journal of Global Competitiveness ( Vol.23 Iss: 4/5)
2013 Department of Earth Resources Engineering Chloride contamination in construction aggregates due to periodic saline water intrusion: a case study in the Kaluganga River Estuary, Sri Lanka. Ratnayake, N.P.
Silva, K.B.A.
Kumar, I.G.I.K.
Environt Earth Science
2013 Department of Building Economics Construction Safety Management Assessment Framework for Developing Countries Priyadarshani, G.H.K.
Jayasuriya , S.
Journal of Construction for Developing Countries (Volume 18(1))
2013 Department of Computational Mathematics A Multilevel Information Mining Approach for Collaborator Recommendation in Online Scientific Communities Chen Yang
Xiaoyan Liu
Jian Ma
The Computer Journal
2013 Department of Building Economics Fire risk in high rise buildings: Inspection Strategies Framework Waidyasekara, K.G.A.S.
Thilini, P.G.I D
Dhanayake, K.W.D.K.C
Institute for construction Training and Development (ICTAD) (Volume XI)
2013 Department of Town and Country Planning Local Knowledge on Climate Variation; Case of Negombo and Batticaloa, Sri Lanka Abenayake, C.
Jayasinghe, A. B.
Mahanama, P.K.S
Bhumi, Planning Research Journal, Colombo. ( Vol.2 (special issue) ISSN: 2012-5720)



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