Research and Publications

Year :sort ascending Department Title of Paper Authors Name of the Journal and Volume
2013 Department of Computational Mathematics Process Analytics Approach for R&D Project Selection Jian Ma
Chen Yang
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems
2013 Department of Computational Mathematics A Multilevel Information Mining Approach for Collaborator Recommendation in Online Scientific Communities Chen Yang
Xiaoyan Liu
Jian Ma
The Computer Journal
2013 Department of Electrical Engineering Microgrid Test-Beds and Its Control Strategies Hemapala, K.T.M.U.
Ariyasinghe Suranjith,
Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (Vol 4 No 1)
2013 Department of Civil Engineering Study on the impact of rainfall trends on landslide frequencies; Sri Lanka Overview Nawagamuwa, U.P.
Rathnaweera, T.D.
Engineer, Journal of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka, , April 2013 ( Vol XXXXVI, No 02)
2013 Department of Mechanical Engineering Mechanisms Currently in Place to Increase the Ability of Physically Disabled Population to Work in Industry Punchihewa, H.K.G.
Abeykoon, K.M.W.
Nanayakkara, L.D.J.F.
International Journal of Engineering, Business and Enterprises Applications (IJEBEA). (Volume 4)
2013 Department of Earth Resources Engineering Economic Feasibility of Copper Extraction from Seruwila Copper Magnetite Deposit, Dissanayake, D.M.D.O.K.
Abinav, R.
Chamara, H.A.K.M.
Dinojan, J.
Sampath, H.K.T.
Proceedings of Earth Resources Engineering Annual Conference 28th June 2013
2013 Department of Civil Engineering Mathematical modelling of watershed wetland crossings for flood mitigation and groundwater enhancement - case of the Attanagalu Oya river basin Rajapakse, R.L.H.L.
Wijesekara, N.T.S.
ENGINEER (Volume 46(3) : 55-67)
2013 Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering Wi-Alert : A Wireless Sensor Network Based Intrusion Alert Prototype for HEC Dias, D.
Ruwini Edirisinghe
Rakhitha Chandrasekara
Lanka Wijesinghe
Prasanga Siriwardena
Prasad Kumara Sampath
International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems (IJDPS) (Vol 4, Issue 4, pp. 75-88, 2013)
2013 Department of Management of Technology Expectations and experience: IT jobs in offshore software development and commercial banks in Sri Lanka Wickramanayake, N. Information Technology & People (Volume 26)
2013 Department of Civil Engineering Failure criterion for two-ply plain-weave CFRP laminates Pellegrino, S. Journal of Composite Materials (Volume 47)



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